Don't just optimize your revenue cycle. Transform it.


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RCM Cloud®Solutions

Cloud-based, end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions From initial patient engagement to zero balance and everything in between.

Truly transform your revenue cycle.

Complete web-based revenue cycle management via the proven and secure Microsoft Azure® cloud platform.

Cloud-based, end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions RCM Cloud® is a 100% web-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution hosted on the powerful, secure Microsoft Azure cloud platform that delivers end-to-end revenue cycle management capabilities including:

* Patient and Resource Scheduling
* Inpatient and Outpatient Registration
* Insurance Eligibility (270/271) Checking
* Medical Necessity Checking
* Billing (Inpatient/Outpatient; Facility/Professional)
* Fully Integrated Claims Management
* Insurance and Self-Pay Collections and Payment Posting
* Bad Debt Management
* Microsoft Power BI Reports, Dashboards, Scorecards

Plus, since RCM Cloud® is a completely subscription-based, SaaS offering, users are able to:

* Eliminate upfront capital investments
* Reduce the burden on their own internal IT staffs
* Achieve a much faster return on investment
* Pay only for what they need when they need it
* Access their system from anywhere, any time
* Get complete IT, operations, and application support

Improve cash collections.

Accept on-line payments.

Improve clean claim rates.

Reduce costs to collect.

Access more meaningful data.

Optimize staff productivity.

Reduce bolt-on applications.

Provide better patient service.

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Stockell Healthcare Systems is the Revenue Cycle Solutions Division of Medsphere Systems Corporation.