Don't just optimize your revenue cycle. Transform it.


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Partner Opportunities

Cloud-based, end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions Revenue cycle market set to approach $100 Billion by 2024. Global Market Insights.

Seize your opportunities.

Combine RCM Cloud® with your own extensive revenue cycle expertise to become your clients' long-term partner in success.

Consolidate Systems and Resources
Eliminate data silos, functional gaps, and disjointed systems and processes that can hinder your revenue cycle management client service efforts.

Become a True Client Business Partner
Leverage RCM Cloud® to offer your clients a full array of extended business office and ongoing revenue cycle management consulting services

Be Experts in a Single, Integrated Solution
Eliminate the time and expense required to keep your staff trained on multiple applications across multiple clients.

Effectively Compete with the Mega Vendors
Leverage the RCM Cloud® solutions and services to compete with the "perceived" value of the mega vendors and their "one size fits all" solutions.

Maximize Your Value to Clients
Provide your clients with a superior level of service and expertise, more robust functionality, and a bigger bang for their buck.

Minimize Your Time to Value
Perform real-time data analysis, develop strategic and well-timed action plans, and deliver more benefits faster to your clients.

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Stockell Healthcare Systems is the Revenue Cycle Solutions Division of Medsphere Systems Corporation.